AZ Exotic Bird Rescue

AZ Exotic Bird Rescue

About Us

The AZ Exotic Bird Rescue, Inc. is Arizona’s premier avian rescue and sanctuary, dedicated to caring for surrendered, displaced, neglected and abused exotic birds. Our primary goal is to provide the birds we receive with the necessary care and attention they need for a happy and long life. In addition, we seek to educate the public about these amazing creatures and build a supportive community dedicated to finding homes for our birds. 

What We Do

Our amazing staff and volunteers work tirelessly to provide rehabilitation, behavioral therapy, retirement, and adoption services for our birds. Since many of the birds we receive come from abusive homes or have never been handled, we take it upon ourselves to work with each animal and get them comfortable with human interaction so they have a better chance of being adopted. 

Some birds, however, have no chance of being adopted. Whether it be due to medical problems, behavioral issues, or old age, we still seek to provide these creatures with the best quality of life possible. The AZ Exotic Bird Rescue is the permanent home for more than a dozen birds who’ve been surrendered to us over the years. Here we can ensure they receive the care they need as well as the love and affection they deserve. Click here to learn how you can support our permanent residents.

Bird Advocacy

Or commitment to saving birds extends beyond caring for those currently living at our rescue. We believe it’s important to educate people on issues facing domestic birds in order to create a supportive community of individuals dedicated to the ethical treatment and ownership of these amazing creatures. 

As birds tend to live such long lives, many rescues are overflowing with surrenders in need of permanent homes. Since there are more than enough adoptable birds available across the country, we advocate to end bird breeding programs and encourage prospective owners to adopt the many birds currently sitting in shelters.

Most captive-bred exotic birds are only a few generations out of the wild.  They are still wild animals and are instinctively programmed to live lives that are very different from what humans provide in their homes. Some birds make the physical and mental transition from the wild mindset to captivity well, while many don’t, to varying degrees. Many wild-caught exotic birds were able to bond successfully with humans throughout their lifetime despite the terror and trauma of capture. The United States legally and mercifully banned the importation of wild-caught exotic birds in 1993. However exotic birds are still horribly exploited by many breeders, dealers, and retailers who for selfish monetary gain sell the birds with little to no programs in place to educate the buyer as to the responsibilities of exotic bird ownership. 

While we, the staff of AZ Exotic Bird Rescue, Inc. understand that breeders will continue to breed, we hope that we can serve to make a difference through education and support. 

Hours of Operation:

Everyday: 10:00 a.m – 6:00 p.m.


2724 N Scottsdale Rd. Scottsdale, AZ 85257