AZ Exotic Bird Rescue

Life With A Bird

Birds are one of the most unique pets you can own. Their vast intellect, curious nature, and need for physical affection make them incredible companions. However, like any other animal, there are specific challenges and needs that come with having a bird. Read more below about what life is like when you have a feathered friend.

Birds As Pets

Unlike other animals, one of the main ways your bird will communicate with you is through sound. In the wild, these animals use calls to contact their family members, let them know they’re hungry, or get their attention to play. In your home, you will notice that your bird will make plenty of noise to get your attention, especially when you wake up, when they’re hungry, or if they need something from you. In addition, some birds also have the ability to mimic sounds and words they hear often, making for great entertainment while hanging out with them.

In the wild, birds are loyal partners to their mates or other birds they’ve bonded with. As a bird owner, you will have the same relationship with you pet, and they will often try to show you physical affection. To keep them happy, you must do the same to show your love for them. This can be done by handling them, scratching their heads, preening their feathers, and keeping them close by. It’s imperative that you give your bird the attention and physical affection it needs to be happy. While it may take some time for them to be comfortable around you, especially at first, committing yourself to bonding with your bird will prove valuable and help you build a strong bond.

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